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Regulations for the awarding of the Karl Zuhorn Award (Two scientific awards for the promotion of young scientists and honorary research in the field of regional studies) in the version of February 14, 2022


The Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) awards a science price for Westphalian regional studies called the Karl Zuhorn Award. It is awarded in two areas, once for the promotion of young scientists and once for honorary research.

The total endowment is 20,000 euros. Each of the two awards is endowed with 10,000 euros.

The award is given for living personalities and is not publicly announced. Applications are excluded.


The award is given annually jointly in the same scientific field of regional studies.


The award is given to scientists or honorary researchers for particularly outstanding achievements in the field of Westphalian regional studies. In the area of promotion of young scientists, young scientists up to the age of 35 are to be supported. Accordingly, the price is awarded in particular for scientific theses (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Habilitation, etc.). In the area of honorary research, awards can be given for the entire body of research to date as well as for an individual paper or project.

For both awards, the research does not have to be limited to Westphalia-Lippe, but should be of relevance to the region. The joint award is firmly linked to a presentation in Westphalia-Lippe.


The Karl-Zuhorn-award in both areas is awarded annually on the proposal of the Council for Westphalian Regional Studies, based on justified recommendations of one of the scientific commissions of the LWL and the LWL Institute for Westphalian Regional History respectively. The LWL Cultural Committee decides on the award.


The award can be given only once to the same person. A joint award is possible. In the event of a decision not to award the price, the price money may be used to promote science in Westphalia-Lippe.


The ceremonial award presentation is to be held in Westphalia-Lippe. The award may be presented by the chairperson of the LWL cultural committee and the head of culture.

The scientific commission of the LWL or the LWL Institute for Westphalian Regional History, which proposes the award, supports the administration in the organisation, implementation and press work within the framework of the award ceremony as well as an accompanying program in the region to ensure the Westphalian connection. The involvement of political representatives is an integral part of these follow-up events with the aim of sustainably rooting the award in Westphalia-Lippe.